In 2016, savvy recruiters reached beyond LinkedIn because they saw candidates moving away to more user-friendly networks. 2017 looks set to be exciting, as Facebook steps in with their company page jobs tab and Google establishes its Cloud Jobs API. As these changes unfurl, don’t overlook these big three social recruiting trends.

1. The age of transparency

The internet puts us all under review; potential candidates look at your professional and personal social media profiles as much as you look at theirs. In 2017, make sure your profiles — on all the networks you use — show you in the best light. The internet put employees in charge; they can quickly see available jobs and they can leave their thoughts for future employees on Glassdoor, Indeed and more. Be vigilant; make sure your reviews aren’t costing you hires.

In 2017 polish your hiring managers’ profiles: share insight and enthusiasm about what your company is doing. Future recruits are looking online to find information about their potential boss long before they accept your offer of an interview.

2. Employee branding

For too long, there has been emphasis on employer branding, which is controlled by marketing or HR — which has often been too polished. Employee branding is about letting your real people use their social networks to share their real experiences day-to-day in your company. It may be a smartphone video or an Instagram shot. If it’s far from polished, it’s real. Just like we love consumer-generated content, 2017 will see companies use employee-generated content to attract great talent.

3. Human to human

As much as we will see a rise in robotics, AI and recruitment chat bots in 2017, we will also see the demand by people to be treated with care and consideration rise.

Recruiters will need to be more, well, human to succeed, because our attention spans have dropped to an all-time low and intolerance for impersonal messages is on the rise. Recruiters who present themselves as professional yet personable, and who take the time to hyper-personalize their candidate outreach, will be the winners in 2017.