The customer has, as the saying goes, always been right. As our trio of panelists explains, that universal truth may somehow become even more true, as consumers empowered by technology and smarter devices will drive the retail industry onward and upward. Here’s how technology can allow retail professionals to stay competitive, and even stand out.

Gary Sankary

Strategist, Retail Marketing, Esri

“Expectations are higher than ever for consumers for engaging interactions with their favorite stores and websites.”

Jason Tan

CEO, Sift Science

“In this period of incredible change and innovation, data is power — the key to truly knowing your customer.”

Kent Savage

CEO, Apex Supply Chain Technologies

“Automated lockers are eliminating friction from the process and creating a streamlined, customer-friendly experience…”

Steve Carlin

VP, General Manger, Softbank Robotics

“The next computing platform after mobile is robotics and the promise of robots as human helpers is now being brought to life.”

Aaron Moulton

Vice President of Creative, Treehouse

“How we use this data will make retail incredibly powerful — or incredibly invasive.”

Henry Helgeson

Co-Founder and CEO, Cayan

“Implementing handheld payment technology, merchants can provide a significantly improved, personalized in-store shopping experience.”

Jack Welde

Founder and CEO, Smartling

“The Internet of things will play an important role in extending the brick and mortar experience.”