Formed in 1984 by Rick Hendrick, Hendrick Motorsports knows a few things about success. Winning five NASCAR championships in a row is an extraordinary feat; no other major sports organization has done anything like it, not even great teams like the Celtics, Yankees, or Red Wings.

But with 550 employees, a massive 600,000 sq ft facility, and new technology, Hendrick Motorsports is also succeeding at business. Chris Newsome heads the IT department at Hendrick and talks about how their print management system slashed their printing costs and revved up the way employees work.

Mediaplanet: Why did you go with a document management system?

Chris Newsome: We grew so fast that print management was getting out of control. We performed an Encompass Document Analysis to see where we could increase efficiency and save money. Right away it was obvious that we were overloaded with hardware, and not printing in a very smart manner.

In the first year we saved approximately $110,000. Plus we got everyone working smarter across the campus, using group printing, taking high-cost printers off of people’s desks, and using Re-Rite to transform paper documents into PDF, Word and Excel, which we use often.

MP: How did it help to make Hendrick go faster?

CN: It made everyone work smarter. We have a lot to do and need to work fast. Any time we can save 15-20 minutes, that’s a bonus. By combining the latest multifunction products with great software, we streamlined workflow—saving hundreds of productivity hours monthly.

MP: What were you able to do with the savings?

CN: We put the savings right back in to racing. We have a budget, but when you partner up and can see the money, it’s easy to put it right back into winning more championships.