Take almost any team sport—on the football field, courtside in basketball, on the sidelines of the soccer pitch, or at the pitcher’s mound—and you’ll see it. The huddle is where plays are shared, data exchanged and next course of action is set. Decades ago, sports moved at a slow, methodical pace as teams took their time deciding on their next move.

Changing the game

But with the rise of TV, sports have changed and the pace quickened, with fans demanding more action and higher scores. Huddles are now done in seconds with coaches, captains and quarterbacks calling plays in real time—or running several in a row with a “hurry up” offense.

In business, as the speed of business has increased, a similar evolutionary step has taken place. Instead of waiting for big groups to converge in a limited number of designated meeting rooms, collaboration is taking place in “huddle rooms.” These less formal spaces can accommodate a wide variety of tasks such as private two-person meetings, or short team meetings where data can quickly fuel decision-making.

Communication gaps

However, unlike sports huddles, huddle rooms lack a captain—that single point of control. Too often, users are faced with disparate technology: sometimes a video system, maybe a speakerphone and often nothing at all. And they may not know how to use whatever is there. That leads to wasted time and lost productivity.

In fact, ZK Research cites that 15 minutes of every hour-long meeting is wasted managing the technology. In an era of rapid change where speed is essential, who can afford to lose 25 percent of every meeting?

Polycom, the market leader in conference room technology, recently unveiled the RealPresence Trio smart hub. It looks like a conference phone, but is so much more. Think of the RealPresence Trio as the quarterback of the modern huddle room. It is a single point of control that enables workers to take command of the action with exceptional HD audio, video and content sharing.

ZK Research recognizes RealPresence Trio as revolutionary because it is the first smart hub for group collaboration that transforms the three-point conference phone into an all-in-one voice, video and content sharing system. Now, huddle rooms can be outfitted with a single device that makes visual collaboration both familiar and intuitive—resulting in better meetings and results.