How can building a social media presence expand your business?

People need to stop thinking of “social media” as different or an addition to marketing. It is marketing for most companies—especially smaller and younger ones that don’t have agencies and multimillion dollar advertising budgets. So in a sense you are asking “How can marketing expand your business?” 

When asked like this, the answer is obvious. It’s what establishes awareness for your business, connects you to current and prospective customers, and enables you to promote your business. Duh, sounds like “marketing,” right? Social media is the best thing that ever happened to marketing because it is fast, free, and ubiquitous.

"Social media is the best thing that ever happened to marketing because it is fast, free, and ubiquitous."

Why is customer engagement and empowerment so crucial to all business?

I don’t think that it is “crucial to all businesses.” Engagement and empowerment is one path to success. It’s not necessarily the only way to success. For example, truly, Apple doesn’t really engage and empower in the sense of listening to customers and enabling them to tell Apple how to serve your needs. It inspires, it evangelizes and it makes people’s heads explode with lust and loyalty. But does it engage and empower?

If you could give one tip to big businesses in regards to enchanting customers, what would it be?

Make a truly unique and valuable product. This is where it all starts. If you do this, it’s easy to enchant people. Take it from someone who has tried, it’s very hard to engage people with a product or service that sucks.

You are loyal to your followers and they are loyal in return. What’s one thing you do that other public figures don’t?

I love social media. I understand social media. I use social media. I am not afraid of social media. I am not intimidated by the crowd. And I don’t abdicate my social media to agencies or experts.