Rewards credit cards are popular choices for consumers, offering a variety of earning options and benefits.

The key to finding the right card for you is choosing one that offers great rewards value, aligns with your personal interests and helps you to avoid frustrating rewards pitfalls.

Start off by identifying the rewards category that appeals to you most. For instance, if you’re considering buying a new car, using an automotive rewards card for your everyday spending would be a smart choice, as the rewards can help you get behind the wheel sooner.

Once you’ve narrowed down the category, read the fine print to ensure you are getting the most out of your card. Here are a few things to be on the lookout for:

  • Caps and limits: Some rewards cards promise big earn rates but have a limit on the total amount you can earn. Others may let you build up great rewards, only to put a cap on the amount you can actually redeem.

  • Expiration dates: Be sure to check if the rewards expire, so you don’t lose the valuable rewards you’ve earned before you’ve had a chance to enjoy them.

  • Annual fees: Does the rewards card charge annual fees? If so, be sure the projected value of your rewards exceeds the amount you’ll pay in fees.

If you can find a rewards card that fits your interests, has no limit on the amount you can earn or redeem, no annual fee and earnings that don’t expire, you’ll be on the road to something great.