“Culinology” may not be a household name, but you are probably using it already without even knowing it. Culinology is a term the Research Chefs Association created 20 years ago that describes the evolution of the food industry. Simply put, culinology is the blending of culinary arts and food sciences for food product development. Through the use of culinology, the business of food has seen an increase in speed to market — all while having a keen eye on customer experience, quality and cost.

Research chefs and food scientists use these skills to innovate and create products for food service and retail. Many of the products at your favorite restaurant and on the shelves at your local grocery store have been developed in one way or another through culinology.

“Using the development tools of a culinologist can elevate your products and provide the best consumer experience.”

Developing food experiences

Product development is a key to expanding the reach of restaurants and retail brands to consumers. Whether it is one unit or multiple units, innovation, creativity and understanding trends are important in order to stay relevant and build a successful food business and brand.

Continued menu development is an important tool to growing your business, and hiring the right people to implement your vision is critical. Certified research chefs’ and certified culinary scientists’ knowledge and skills in both culinary arts and food sciences help to maintain the quality and consistency that is important for your business. Using the development tools of a culinologist can elevate your products and provide the best consumer experience. 

Boosting all sizes of food business

There are new technologies emerging every year directed at the food industry. Understanding the right technology to provide the knowledge is a critical part of development and core to a Culinologist’s skillset. Using new technologies or innovative solutions, Culinologists can help you boost customer experience and maximize profits by critically assessing all technologies to optimize flavor, quality and consistency with an eye on the price point. 

From small mom and pop restaurants looking to grow their businesses to large chains pushing menu innovation, culinology can help you succeed in competitive markets.