In recent years, rapidly changing technology has affected the work of HR professionals as much as any other industry. It provides easy access to many more resources, better communication capabilities and it streamlines many HR processes for both employers and employees.

Simplifying HR

Organizations are using technology during every step of an employee’s tenure. With the help of the marketing department, it is becoming common for employers to build an employment brand and then use modern-day technology to attract the best talent. This technology can then be used seamlessly, both to onboard new employees and follow those employees throughout their tenure.

Imagine the time saved for candidates, HR and management. A digital platform can tie all the messages and relevant activities together and create a seamless stream, from the initial inquiry to new-hire paperwork, processing through ongoing professional mentoring and development. As we see more flexible work arrangements, this technology-driven process can also help remote employees feel more connected.

Stronger employee connections

Many organizations use their technological platforms to follow employees throughout their tenure. The hope is to continue building the employee experience through messaging that connects to career opportunities, lifecycle events and important organizational goals. Technology also supports efforts to convey the important role each employee plays in the organization — all the time engaging in a personalized way and connecting them further into the culture of the organization.

Replacing an employee can cost about 150 percent of his or her annual salary. Knowing that makes it much more important to engage new employees right from the start. Technology will define our future for many years to come. Being vigilant on how to capitalize on that, in order to create a win for both employers and employees, will be HR’s defining contribution to organization success.