A spokesperson for the Quakes, explains how setting the bar for connectivity elevates fans’ experiences from the comfort of their seats.   

Mediaplanet: Can you explain to readers what it means to have a cloud-enabled stadium and how it helps your organization to run more efficiently?

It allows business operations, such as ticketing and customer service platforms, to run efficiently and scale accordingly. While cloud-enabled equates to faster, better fan engagement experiences, it also means a greener stadium with less on-premises equipment—minimal on-site infrastructure.

MP: How does having a cloud-enabled stadium enhance fans experience?

We can provide high bandwidth Wi-Fi services that allow Quakes fans to surf the web, interact with the Avaya Stadium mobile app and stay connected to all of their social media networks without interruption—no matter how large the crowd gets.

Fans can push their Instagram and Twitter posts through the cloud to our fan engagement wall to connect, unite and share experiences like never before. It’s Silicon Valley, and connectivity is key; the cloud-enabled stadium enables that.

MP: Can you describe the decision making process for creating new in-stadium apps?

The decision making process really is focused on the fans and seeing what trends are hot, and what we can provide to continuously provide a world-class experience for fans, young and old. From there, it’s working with Avaya to get them implemented and running to the delight of our fan base.

MP: What do you look for in a new app and how do you decide whether or not it should be pursued?

Any new application must be fan-centric. After all, everything we do is geared towards the fans and ensuring that they have the best possible experience. It must be relevant, cutting-edge technology and a good reflection of what the Quakes mission is.

HITTING THE GOAL: With its technology, any app that the Quakes put out focuses on the fans, employing every opportunity to enhance their experience.

MP: How do the earthquakes analytics help players and coaches before matches?

We use a wide range of tools for analysis, scouting and injury treatment or prevention purposes, including Catapult and Opta. Our players also use technology to track their health, wellness, sleep, diet and nutrition.

MP: What type of other technology devices are the players or coaches given?

The Sparta system we use helps us make more informed decisions to impact the success of our team. From return to play decisions and physical training loads we can look at the relationships between physical, psychological, and biomechanical data that we collect and interpret. These relationships and the Sparta commitment to validity are helping drive our ability to make meaningful recommendations and adjustments to assist achieving the goals of our organization.