Mediaplanet: How has face-to-face communication helped you grow your brand?

Donald Trump: In the sense of visibility, it has helped a great deal. “The Apprentice” has been seen worldwide and promoted the Trump brand in a very big way. I’ve become a familiar face in many countries. I also make an attempt to interact with people whenever possible and I enjoy this aspect of my job and life.

MP: What are the benefits of business travel?

DT: Nothing beats personal interaction. It’s the best way to build a rapport, and that can only enhance business performance.

MP: Is there a meeting you can recall the face-to-face dynamic making a big impact?

DT: One of them was with Mark Burnett—when he came to my office to present his idea for “The Apprentice.” He was convincing, personable and I liked him immediately. My advisors advised against doing the show, but my instincts were correct. We’ve had a great success and Mark is a terrific person.

A FAMILY AFFAIR From left: Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. Photo: The Trump Organization

MP: Tell us about the most memorable business meeting you've ever gone to.

DT: They came to my office, but it had to do with 40 Wall Street, a huge building that I own. These guys had an idea to build an atrium, much like we have here in Trump Tower, in 40 Wall Street. I was astounded after listening to their plans that they had not thought about what would support the building. It was an incredible oversight.

MP: Can you share any tips for readers hoping to optimize their business trip?

DT: It helps to be organized in your mind, above all. Know what your objectives are and keep that focus intact.