Small Business Saturday has quickly become a highly anticipated annual event. It’s become much more than just an American Express promotion. It’s a kickoff to the beginning of the holiday shopping season, and a chance for consumers to supporter their local small business and get some great deals. It supports small businesses overall.

More than Saturday

All of the activity around Small Business Saturday is exciting and puts a needed focus on the role small businesses play in our communities, and in the U.S. economy overall. But some small businesses don’t fit as easily with these promotions. Maybe you have a tech consulting business, or own a landscaping company. Offering discounts for purchases on one specific Saturday doesn’t necessarily work with your business model. All of the publicity around small businesses is a great reminder to do what you can to improve your business and be ready to close out 2015 strong and get started on your plans for 2016.

"Small business owners work hard to build their businesses and it’s important that they also have the right coverage in place to protect their investment."

Most small business owners by necessity are focused on the near term. If they don’t get enough sales this month and this year, their long-term plans won’t make a difference. However, it’s still important to envision where you want your business to be a few years in the future.

Will you still be running the day-to-day operations? According to a recent report, 50 percent of U.S. small businesses are planning to introduce new products in 2016. Is your business one of them, and how do you plan to market your new products? Get your plans ready now and run them by your partners or associates to get feedback on cost and feasibility.

Assuring security

All of the many items on a small business owner’s to-do list can make it easy to overlook getting the right business insurance protection for your business in case anything goes wrong. Not only can buying insurance feel like a hassle, many business owners don’t feel like they have a good understanding of what’s right for their business and how much it should cost. Small business owners work hard to build their businesses and it’s important that they also have the right coverage in place to protect their investment.

Luckily, online research and sales options have made researching and purchasing business insurance easier than ever before. The main policies all small businesses should consider are professional liability insurance and general liability insurance. These will protect your business in case somebody sues you for making a mistake, whether you did or not, and in case somebody gets hurt at your office, or while you’re on site with a customer, respectively. Good luck to all of America’s small businesses this Small Business Saturday, and every day.