The recruiting industry has started to come around to the idea that what they do is not very different from what marketers do: promote a company’s mission and values in a manner that will convince an audience to take a desired action.

Job-seekers as a niche

Much of the focus in the industry the past couple of years has been on the “employer brand.” Building a strong brand identity as a desirable place to work is certainly helping recruitment efforts, yet employers have much further to go in adopting the strategies and techniques that marketers use to achieve their objectives.

Thanks to the rapid changes in technology, audiences have become more fragmented, making it more difficult to reach a mass audience with your message. However, marketers have turned this hurdle into a strength by embracing the fragmentation and developing more targeted strategies to reach the right audience.

“While it is much easier to focus on fewer channels with broader reach, there is tremendous waste in reaching irrelevant audiences.”

Where to begin

The easiest method of targeting is placing your messaging on the specific channels and websites where your target audience spends their time. Even so, employers continue to opt for the broadest distribution channels possible, like Indeed and LinkedIn. While it is much easier to focus on fewer channels with broader reach, there is tremendous waste in reaching irrelevant audiences.

It may a take a bit more effort, but by targeting specific roles to niche sites and job boards that have the audience you’re trying to reach, you’ll get higher quality applicants and avoid the deluge of unqualified candidates. Another important factor for reaching your audience where they spend their time is ensuring that you distribute your job openings on mobile-friendly platforms. If you are using a channel that doesn’t offer a mobile apply process or emailed job alerts, you could be missing out on over 75 percent of your potential candidate pool.

Finally, if you’re going to put in the effort to find niche channels for your audience, you need to optimize your job postings for each channel. This means properly tagging each of your job openings using every available field and categorization capability available to you. This metadata is essential for surfacing your job posting at the right time for the right candidate.