We all wish we could wave a magic wand and re-do something from our past. Maybe you wish you could relive all the fun you had in college? Or savor the compliment from your first crush in seventh grade again? Or tried harder to learn the flute or French? Or listened better when your great-grandmother described her childhood? Regardless of what it is, we all would like to go back in time and change at least one thing or live it all over again.

We recently asked some game-changing professional women to answer this question: “What wisdom have you gained since you started your career that you would tell your younger self?” Their responses are as unique as the women themselves.

1. Christine Cuoco: The opportunities to shape your career are limitless when you take the time to convey your experiences and skills in relatable ways. I've been able to move from investment banking to publishing and marketing in the tech industry because I haven’t defined myself or my skill set narrowly. The best candidates don't necessarily check all the boxes. Rather, they're self-starters with a healthy dose of curiosity and eagerness to learn and contribute to the greater good.

2. Johanna Key: Don’t be afraid of being front-and-center. You will thrive in the opportunities that scare you the most. Not every moment will be perfect, but in those challenges you will grow more than you expected. Chase chaos and disorder because it is in those moments that innovation happens. Don’t run from challenges; instead, move towards them.

3. Lee Gonzalez: Recognize relationships that are important to you and work to keep them alive. I made a major career change in my mid-20s by switching industry and country. And I realized that everyone from my old professional life might forget I existed. I wrote holiday cards and remain connected to some people today — just because of that simple, old fashioned gesture.

4. Keitha Pansy: Set your goals early in life and stay focused, so that when you leave this earth you have no regrets, and you have accomplished all that your heart desires.

5. Lauren Margulies: No matter where you are, find your voice and use it. You are at the table to learn, to contribute and to speak. Part of finding your voice is learning to listen, get feedback and grow from it every day. That applies whether you started your job yesterday or are running the company. The same rules apply.