Shari Ruelas, CPIM, CSCP

Commercial Business Manager, Supply and Trading, Chevron

"What drove me then is what continues to drive me now - new challenges and continuous learning."

Braydon Davis

Robotics Student, Lake Area Technical Institute, Watertown, South Dakota

"If you want it, act like you want it. NEVER let the excuse "she's a girl" keep you from an opportunity, and never use it as an excuse to get out of doing a job."

Stacey Gearhart

Senior Director, Product Management and Marketing, Rheem Manufacturing

"As long as the industry is male-dominated, you need to make sure male leaders are supporting you as well."

Charlotte Weber

Director and CEO, Robert C. Byrd Institute

"My advice is to be prepared, know your capabilities, know your team, know your market and always know your audience."

Dee Sova

Truck Driver, Prime Inc.

“There’s no exact model for success. I always make it a point to be the best driver I can be out on the road.”

Jennifer Friend

Converting Operations Leader, Muskogee Mill, Georgia-Pacific

“This world (manufacturing) is very pro-women. It has an image that it is only for men, but women make great, strong leaders.”

Jessica Brown

Foreman, Skanska

“As I look back at how the boys (and parents) treated me, compared to now as a general foreman, things have improved but my knowledge is still questioned.”