Why do you advocate for Life Insurance?

“I work with Life Happens to raise awareness about the importance of life insurance, because I believe it is a critical aspect of overall wellbeing. When you’re taking care of yourself, whether it’s your health, what you eat or your finances, it’s all about self-worth. I hope to encourage everyone to realize their self-worth regardless of where they are in their life.”

What is one thing that everyone should know about life insurance?

“We’re all on a journey to financial fitness and life insurance is an important step on that path. You have to go step by step to reach your goal. Do that next good thing by putting financial protection in place with life insurance. Then, no matter what happens in your life or financial journey, your loved ones will be OK financially.”

How do you ensure that your family is being fiscally responsible?

“I’ve always encouraged my loved ones to seek professional help when they need it. We tend put things off that we don’t know how to do, and a professional can ensure financial stability for you and your loved ones. Life is often about doing the next good thing, and the next good thing to do on your journey to financial fitness is to get life insurance.”

When did you first learn about the importance of life insurance?

“Both of my parents lost their fathers at a young age and neither had life insurance, so I’ve been aware of the importance of financial responsibility since I was a young girl. Life insurance was definitely important when I raced cars at 200 mph, and it remains important in this next phase of my life as well.”