Vickie Wicks

Principal and Financial Advisor, Edward Jones Investments

“One piece of advice for women looking to find success in finance would be: just do it.”

Alexandra Taussig

Senior Vice President of Lifetime Client Engagement, Fidelity Investments

“I’ve found that when we take the time to think about what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes, we’re able to have a greater impact on behalf of our clients and our colleagues.”

Jennifer Bacarella

Executive and Director of Firm Development, Sigma Financial Corporation

“I drive this on a daily basis and look to always be at the top of our industry in this regard. We are needed, wanted and in some ways destined to fill the role of being an investment advisor.”

Rebecca Glasman

Co-Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Russell Reynolds Associates

“Financial services companies have no shortage of processes, practices and metrics to support female talent, which is great. However, many firms’ mindsets and behaviors still need to change.”

Marie Chandoha

President and CEO, Charles Schwab Investment Management

“I am a firm believer that ‘you need to see it to be it’ — that female role models are crucial for attracting more women the field of finance.”