Employers are finding value in viewing both job candidates and current employees as consumers of the brand, and they’re going as far as using their own marketing departments to help create the right message. Once crafted, technology and social media play an integral role in attracting and onboarding talent — similar to how organizations attract customers.

Where to begin

But tying your organization brand to the employee value proposition and then targeting talent through digital platforms is just the first step in attracting and retaining employees. It’s critical to engage new employees right from the start, particularly when you consider that replacing an employee can cost up to 150 percent of annual salary, and then to keep on engaging them.

From the beginning, an easy-to-use, intuitive digital platform saves time for everyone: candidates, HR and line managers. A seamless stream of messages and relevant activities move the candidate along from initial inquiry to processing new hire paperwork and on through to everyday work. These platforms can also assign tasks to new hires, allowing them to hit the ground running on their first day. The HR administrative process is streamlined by creating a self-serve profile that addresses required paperwork and common first-day questions. This collaborative effort enhances the experience for remote workers, too, giving them a greater opportunity to connect with a new employer.

“Technology that creates a solid connection between the employer brand and employee experience delivers engaged new hires.”

Keeping careers in focus

The technology often is mobile-friendly, provides data and feedback on the entire experience, and connects new hires with benefits, co-workers and social groups throughout the organization. Many employers use technology to follow employees throughout their tenure in an effort to enhance the employee experience. This is achieved by creating ongoing messaging that connects to career opportunities, lifecycle events and important organizational goals — all accomplished in a personalized way that connects to the organization’s culture.

Technology that creates a solid connection between the employer brand and employee experience delivers engaged new hires. The result? A great experience to share with potential new candidates — via technology, of course.