Jaclyn Agui

MBA candidate '16, Case Western Reserve University

“My education in business has taught me that … in a fast-paced and increasingly complex workplace, teams are a necessity.”

Tiffany Blake

Education Administration Coordinator, Mayo Clinic; Online Hybrid MBA Candidate, West Virginia University

“Most things, from the majority of books on leadership down to the dosage on medications, are typically tailored from a male perspective.”

Ivette Rubio

COO and Co-founder, WAVVE Stream Inc; Alumna, Bauer College of Business

“I have a number of family members that started small businesses, so I witnessed firsthand how working with purpose and determination can create opportunities.”

Anustha Shrestha

Alumna, Adelphi University

“I hope that young professionals like me get the opportunity to meet and look up to more woman leaders in their workplace, especially in industries like finance.”

Jada Bynum

Marketing and Hospitality Major, Resort Tourism Management, Coastal Carolina University

“Taking inspiration from my dad’s entrepreneurship, I knew business would be a versatile vehicle to use my creativity.”