Wisconsin resident David Pehl is a big Green Bay Packers fan, so it wasn’t surprising when the 13-year-old kept his new Aaron Rodgers jersey on for several days. When his dad noted there was a boy with the NFL-jersey-wearing record for keeping a Brett Favre jersey on for 1,581 days, Pehl got the idea to score a title of his own.

Pehl wore the jersey every day for 1,612 days, taking it off only for a gentle hand washing every other night. He admitted there were days he wanted to give up, especially in a house of Minnesota Vikings fans, but his respect for Rodgers kept him going. “Aaron Rodgers is a good role model,” he says. “Why would you not want to be loyal to him?”

Easy being green

In addition to gaining national attention for breaking the NFL-jersey-wearing record, Pehl was invited to the Green Bay Packers’ training camp, along with a tour of Lambeau Field. The National Football League chronicled the experience in a segment that aired on its network.

 “This whole experience has taught me that if you have an idea and a desire, it is okay to try it.”

One highlight for Pehl was running through the Packers’ tunnel and watching practice along with his dad, his grandfather—a lifelong Packer fan—and his best friend Jordan who supported him through the years of wearing the jersey.

The big cheese

“That wasn’t the best though,” Pehl recalls. “While we were standing on the 50-yard line, Aaron Rodgers snuck out and surprised me. I was speechless to finally meet him.”

 Rodgers rewarded Pehl with a much-needed new jersey, signed “David, Dream Big —Aaron Rodgers.”

 “This whole experience has taught me that if you have an idea and a desire,” Pehl muses, “it is okay to try it.”