Paul Travers

CEO, Vuzix

“Companies that don’t embrace the new VR landscape are going to be left behind. Gamers are looking for that interaction that VR brings.”

Cliff Chun

Laptop Product Manager, MSI

“Four K gaming will be the next incoming trend with very powerful graphics capabilities, and VR technology will allow more expansive, immersive gameplay.”

Frank Azor

General Manager, Alienware and XPS, DELL

“I think the bullying that takes place online especially within games and gaming culture is a big issue facing all of us in the industry.”

Carlos Villanueva

Director, Media Development and Partnerships, Newegg

“People think gaming is just about shooting, but many new games, especially VR games, are made for a variety of experiences like painting, flying and storytelling.”

Steve Lee

Senior Application System Product Manager, Supermicro

“We saw the first successful augmented reality game, ‘Pokémon Go,’ launched in July, and it quickly became the biggest mobile game in history.”