Judd Marcello

EVP of Global Marketing, Cheetah Digital

“If retailers remember that it’s all about the customers and keep the focus on them, they can stay relevant and in business.”

Dan Reynolds

VP of Retail Sales, 3Si

“Effective use of technology makes the entire customer experience enjoyable…from entering the store, to shopping, to making a purchase, to departing.”

Subbu Iyer

SVP & CMO, Riverbed Technology

“The retail industry is going through massive disruption driven by a new breed of digital-first retailers who are using technology to provide a differentiated customer experience.”

Nadir Ali

CEO, Inpixon

“Over the next five years, we will see the retail landscape shifting towards intelligence – at Inpixon we call this Indoor Positioning Analytics to the power of AI (IPAAI).”

Patti Hester

Chief Strategist, E-commerce & Retail Distribution Platinum, Circle Partners

“Personalization is the best ROI in retail, and will become increasingly important for growth in the future.”

Keith Sherry

Chief Operating Officer, SATO Global Solutions

“Retailers need to focus on the in-store experience – evolving the store into a ‘destination.’”

Elizabeth Bramlage

Head of U.S. Marketing, Klarna

“Experience is the new loyalty. Loyalty is a key challenge for retailers today and in the future. The smoother the shopping experience, the more likely customers will return to purchase again.”