“Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” will be the 13th installment of the popular video game, and John Marshall Jones (who plays Admiral Raines in the game) says fans should brace themselves. “What they have with ‘Call of Duty: IW’ will make you not want to leave your house anymore. It's going to be more interesting than real life.”

More involved

Though the actor remembers Pong and “how exciting it was to do something with a TV screen besides watch it,” he says advancements in gaming tech reflect the world we now live in. “The gaming thing is so much more complex and intense and interactive than it was when it began,” he says. “As our world has become more complex, the demand on gaming to keep up has also become more intense.”

“‘Rather than add more levels, they decided to make the characters more complex.’”

Shooting the story

Jones says “Call of Duty” is rising to the challenge. “The reason why they're bringing in actors such as myself is they're bringing narrative storylines into the first-person shooter experience. Not only are you engaging the bad guys, you're getting to know who you're fighting with. You have experiences with other characters as you're figuring out whether they're going to live or die. The moral choices give you a connection to life and death in a real way.”

Given how long “Call of Duty” has been around, Jones says this innovation is no surprise. “Rather than add more levels, they decided to make the characters more complex. It's not just engaging your fingers; it's engaging your mind.”

Expanding the field

The latest “Call of Duty” (which debuts in November) will also look even more convincing. “There's a new technology where they create a three-dimensional space, and the capture is done in three dimensions to allow the animation to be deeper. I think it's the future of movie making. Acting in it was a whole new experience.”

Jones also credits the franchise with being a leader in bringing diversity to the gaming industry. “It's really fascinating to see the change in the entertainment industry, and how much more diverse things are getting. The inclusion into the video game platform for women and African-Americans is growing by leaps and bounds. The important thing for me is who is behind the camera, and one of the things that surprised me was how diverse the entire production was.”