Over the past few years, the definition of gamer has changed drastically. That’s partly due to the fact that today one in two people regularly plays video games.

But it’s also a result the positive actions being taken by some within the gaming community are receiving the attention they deserve.

Cooperative mode

Instead of painting a picture of misguided youths and social outcasts, more and more media outlets are starting to focus on how this community is a force for good.

For years, the gaming community has been coming together to raise tens-of-millions of dollars for a variety of causes and, by doing so, are using their hobby to advance a purpose other than entertainment.

Leveling up

A perfect example of such an initiative began as a small fundraiser in honor of a young girl who passed away from Leukemia. It quickly spread across the globe and evolved into a way for gamers everywhere to be able to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and the 10 million children they treat each year.

To raise awareness, avid gamers are shaving their eyebrows, dying their hair, getting tattoos, and chugging hot sauce to raise money for injured children. Photos: Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

More than 50,000 of them have already grown involved with causes to give meaning to their hobby—and they are having plenty of fun while doing it.

Real-world competitions

Over the past 7 years, they’ve raised more than $14 million through what some would consider pretty extreme ways of fundraising. Gamers are shaving their eyebrows, dying their hair, getting tattoos and even chugging ridiculous amounts of hot sauce to raise funds and awareness for sick and injured kids everywhere.

The kindness and passion of the gaming community is unmatched, and it shows no sign of slowing down in the future.