Danny Weinstein, a San Francisco mediation judge, has been a Warriors fan since the 1960s and a season ticket holder since 1987.

“I was always a Warriors fan,” he says. “I’m a basketball junkie.”

Heat check

The team is hot now, having won the NBA Championship in 2015, but there was a time when Weinstein’s tickets weren’t in demand. These days, he gets dozens of emails from friends looking to use his tickets. But the judge is holding onto his tickets overlooking center court.

CHANTING CHAMPS: A good cheer is never a bad thing, especially when it drowns out the sound of jeering.


Then there’s Rick Colsky, a season ticket holder for over 40 years. “I’m a native San Franciscan and I love basketball,” he says, explaining that the current team has great energy and dedication. “They’re so much fun to watch. They share the ball, and everyone’s involved on offense and defense.”

His favorite player? Stephen Curry, whom Colsky calls “part scientist, part showman,” a point guard that “takes your breath away.”

Meanwhile, Weinstein praises Curry’s “artistry” and is impressed with the entire team’s commitment to excellence. “It’s magic,” says Weinstein. “To see people who actually play as a team and appear to have loyalty to each other and to the team is so rare.”

Like family

Fans, especially season ticket holders, feel a familial bond with the team. “The owners are very fan-oriented,” says Colsky. “There’s never been a time when there has been more concentration on fans than there is now.”

“'Fans know that they can help you win games, so it’s exciting.'”

The team shares their fans’ passion and appreciates their loyalty. “We have the best fans in the NBA,” Curry proclaims. “They bring the energy into the building, night in and night out, and are a part of our home advantage. We’re definitely excited to come here on game day because their excitement pushes us to another level.”

As forward Draymond Green explains, that excitement can even extend to the road. “Dub Nation supports us in every city we go to, and it’s amazing,” says Green. “The fans started a ‘Let’s go Warriors’ chant today that drowned out the boos, and that’s becoming the norm now.”

Golden gratitude

“Last year was really the best for many, many years,” reflects Colsky, whose seats are behind the visiting team’s bench. “It’s exciting to see. Now the Warriors are the most-watched team.”

That fan base is diverse too. “It’s not all the same demographics. It’s not all the same backgrounds,” explains Bob Myers, the team’s general manager. “It’s an electric, passionate group of people, and what it all adds up to is the best fan base in the NBA. Fans know that they can help you win games, so it’s exciting.”