People are always asking me why I’m a producer for this documentary about our deteriorating highways called “Be Prepared to Stop”. It’s easier to explain why I’m the narrator since I do a lot of voice-over work, but not why I come on board as a producer.

The dangerous roads for our kids

It was important to me to let people know that good road and sound infrastructure are about family. Any family that has a child on a school bus has necessary everyday needs while traveling those overcrowded, underfunded roads.

Watch the documentary and learn about your local issues. Then vote. It’s time.

What happens if the roads don’t work and trucks can’t get through? Simply put, the grocery stores and pharmacies don't get their supplies. Then gas stations and ATMs are empty. Airports close and garbage piles up. One of my favorite shows is “The Walking Dead” and let me tell you, by the fifth day we’re pretty much ready for the zombie apocalypse. We’re out of food, hospitals are closed, and panic is brewing. It isn’t pretty and not just some writer’s imaginings. We need to be aware of what we’ll lose if we don’t let our representatives know that safe, modern infrastructure is a priority.

Bridges aren’t sexy – but deadly

The American Society of Civil Engineers has given our infrastructure an average grade of D+ for years. Would you eat in a restaurant that had a D+ grade? No way. But we’re willing to take our chances on unsafe roads and bridges without a second thought. Infrastructure may not be sexy or action movie-worthy (although John Oliver tried in this hilarious fake trailer), but failing infrastructure can be terrifying. Bridge collapses in Minnesota, California, Washington, Missouri, and Florida in the past 10 years alone demonstrate the need for boring things like maintenance and upgrades.

The politicos won’t do anything

Why is this all so hard? Politicians have managed to convince us that lower taxes are more important than safety; more important than improving our economy with efficient roads; more important than alternative transportation options that give better access to jobs and opportunities.

So, we’ve nickeled and dimed ourselves into a massive pothole. It’s time to recognize that we use the roads every day and put our money where our wheels are. The federal gas tax has not gone up since 1993. We can’t buy 21st-century infrastructure with a 20th-century budget. Please watch Be Prepared to Stop on iTunes or Amazon Prime and understand what you’re voting for or against the next time infrastructure comes up on your ballot. Watch the documentary and learn about your local issues. Then vote. It’s time.