Most of our daily activities involve a mobile device these days. That’s why you should take mobile security seriously and protect your phone and all information stored on it. Below are my best security tips and tricks which help you to stay safe on your device without spending a dime.

Anti-theft protection

Every smartphone vendor offers free remote lock, wipe, locate features. “Find My iPhone” and “Android Device Manager” is a must on every device.

Screen lock protection

A PIN or passcode is your first line of defense. Activate your device screen lock with a not so easy PIN or passphrase.

App store security

Only download apps from your device’s official App Store, like Google Play, Apple App Store etc. Official App Stores filter all apps for virus and spyware.

Device security

Set your device and apps on autoupdate. These update can include important security fixes. And never ever jailbreak or root your device.

Privacy Settings

Hackers need to contact you before anything bad can happen. Never post your address, email, phone number on the web, social networks, craigslist etc.