Get Better Data Protection
Get Better Data Protection

FACTS: 72 percent of workforces will be mobile by 2020 and 67 percent of workers already use personal devices in the workplace. It’s time to step up your data protection game. Enter your information and receive a 15 percent discount on WinMagic SecureDoc Software.

The modern day workforce is a mobile one. Thanks to the enormous sea change in the device landscape in the last five years, our data has spread like never before. Mobile employees have both company and personal data residing across multiple platforms — office servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices, tables, removable data and in the cloud.

Every day we create data, share it and move it. It’s made us incredibly productive, and the data encryption industry has had to evolve to keep up with the needs of a business marketplace that expects ease, comfort and security.

Meeting evolving demands

Leaders in encryption technology see the challenge of keeping company data secure as three parts: “[The first] is to make encryption manageable so you can manage files on your network, cloud and different devices,” says Mark Hickman, COO of WinMagic Data Security Solutions. “Second is to enhance the user experience — encrypt data without the user having to be aware of it. The last part is no compromised security: We can’t compromise data’s security, even if it improves manageability or user experience.”

Encryption technology remains the most reliable way to protect data. “The whole concept of encryption is to make something unreadable,” Hickman says. “Encrypting is so secure because with a 256-bit algorithm it would take years of computing power to decrypt from the outside.”

Providing smooth experiences

According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2016 Global Encryption Trends Study, extensive use of encryption technology (where encryption is used consistently across a business’s entire enterprise) has risen from 16 percent to 41 percent since 2005. With that new influx of customers comes pressure for security companies to provide a frictionless experience — encryption for their data that is simple, silent and seamless.

These enterprises must address data protection with confidence through intelligent key management across all available devices. Strong key management and authentication are the bedrock foundations for strong encryption. As encryption technology continues to evolve at a rapid clip, the impact from breaches or lost and stolen devices will hopefully continue to shrink. Today’s workforce isn’t slowing down, so neither can our data security solutions.