James M. Mea

CEO, PinnacleCare

“Public recognition shows entire organizations the kind of behaviors that are celebrated and it lowers the silos between teams while letting high performers shine.”

Carol Lee Anderson

President, Questback

“The most innovative employee engagement solutions provide a day-to-day pulse on employee alignment to strategy.”

Chris Boyce

CEO, Virgin Pulse

“Often, organizations sideline culture in favor of other business priorities, but that is proving to be a shortsighted decision.”

Joe Burton

Founder and CEO, Whil

“Learning more about staying calm and focused under pressure, employees can learn how to more skillfully manage their emotions and recognize their triggers…”

Srikant Chellappa,

President, Co-Founder Engagedly

“An employee engagement solution that specifically focuses on alignment, continuous feedback and recognition is key.”

Bryan de Lottinville

Founder and CEO, Benevity

“Employee giving and volunteering programs offer people a deeper sense of purpose that extends beyond their role…”

Greg Harris

President and CEO, Quantum Workplace

“Time is saved and confusion is lessened if the employee only has to make one outreach…”

Paul Gordon

SVP, Sales, Rymax

“People want to come to work with a sense of ownership in their role and the recognition that comes with it.”