Richard Branson once declared, “If a business is good, does good and makes others feel good, then it creates its own legacy.” And Branson would know something about a business being good, having founded Virgin Group and subsequently built it into one of the most famous companies in the world.

Smart tech

This advice is relevant to the retail world, of course, where the pace can be hectic and staff can burn out. Work-life balance is essential to ensuring workers are always at their best and the business can succeed. To achieve improved employee well-being, employers have the benefits of technology at their disposal.

Tools such as smartphones and tablets, as well as social media and apps, allow for improved communication between staff members. It also allows everyone to do their jobs more efficiently and can create a better level of trust between management and staff.

“If a business is good, does good and makes others feel good, then it creates its own legacy.”

These innovations can add some levity to the workplace, as well. Branson, who believes that staff needs to find time for play in their work day, suggests using social media to share jokes and fun stories. Taking care of physical health is also important, and management can use wearable devices or wellness apps that help to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Use scheduling software

Scheduling and trying to ensure that employees can balance their work time with their personal obligations can be extremely stressful, especially in situations that have a lot of part-time employees and shift work. Software applications and cloud computing can add more flexibility to the schedules, for example, by making the calendar available to everyone and allowing employees to communicate with each other more directly. Using these tools brings balance to the hours spent on and off the job.

“I use phone calendars, email reminders and mobile reminders to maneuver my way to each meeting, event and party,” says Branson. “You can also use these things to make sure you have time to eat regularly and that you can get a good sleep.

”Look after your staff first,” he adds. “The rest will follow.” Technology makes taking care of staff much easier, and everyone, including the customers, comes out better for it.