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Employee Wellbeing

Creating a Healthy Company Culture Starts With These Three Steps

Todd Slawter

Chief Growth Officer, Peerfit

1. Top down trickle

Study after study shows that employee participation in wellness programs strengthens with leadership involvement, encouragement, and commitment. Whether you lead your human resources department, your marketing department or the whole organization, your participation is imperative.

Once leadership conveys an enthusiasm for wellness, whether this means showing up to company workouts or highlighting company wellness champions, the rest of the team will follow suit.

2. Listen and learn

Before implementing wellness programs and introducing wellness into your culture, survey what your employees are already doing. Whether they regularly take fitness classes together or walk together on their lunch breaks, it’s much easier and more effective to play on what people intrinsically do versus attempting to change habits. Strengthen your pulse on the current state of wellness engagement by learning the values and needs of your team, and you will gain an understanding of what your program should look like and how to move forward with wellness being a focus within your culture.

3. Give praise

How do you foster and encourage a company culture of engaging and sharing wellness habits?

Recognition is powerful. Highlight wellness champions, give kudos to those just getting started, provide encouragement for those who need an extra push, and make sure to take time and publicly reward those that are engaging in the program. Be sure to live and breathe your wellness mission. Avoid contradictions like hosting a morning company workout and serving donuts afterwards. If you go all in for wellness, so will your employees.

Todd Slawter, Chief Growth Officer, Peerfit, [email protected]

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