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How Black & Latina Women Entrepreneurs Are Changing the Future of Business

equity-access-capital-women of color-latina
equity-access-capital-women of color-latina

Our goal at digitalundivided is to create a greater world where all women of color own their work and worth.

Lauren Maillian

Chief Executive Officer, digitalundivided

Our team is committed to moving the entrepreneurial ecosystem forward, to increasing funding, access, and opportunities for women of color in business and innovation.

As we remain ever focused on advancing our mission it can be immersive, frustrating, and emotionally exhausting to continue to push up against structural challenges and biases. Our team prioritizes communication and wellness as a way to face the daily complexities of work while bonding as a team. Whether it’s our morning check-in calls, Slack chats, or our weekly team call, we are very proactive about checking in with each other and engaging with fully remote team.

A longtime board member, I took on the role of chief executive officer of digitalundivided during the pandemic with the aim of supporting women of color founders and business owners during these difficult and isolating times. Our work, research, and programs stand out as a critical resource for business owners at all stages in entrepreneurship—from starting out to scaling fast. Our approach to community and curriculum factor into the importance of navigating the challenging and stressful business and life realities we face every day.

Black and Latina women entrepreneurs are changing the future of business and redefining corporate cultures. We are emerging as a powerful New C-suite—proving every day that inclusion drives results and a culture of belonging. As we unite with own our worth, we have to also own our wellness to build resilience. Our team’s momentum to build quickly, create new programs, and foster community against all odds continues to amaze me. It’s our hope that the insights, mentorship, and community we create help improve the wellbeing of the entrepreneurs in our network.

I wake up every morning and work out, and that’s how I recharge, get started, and unlock my best ideas. Focusing on one’s health is a key building block to shaping healthy businesses.

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