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Planning a Healthy Workday With Help From Jillian Michaels

Photo: Courtesy of Don Flood

If you work in an office, you may be used to eight-hour (or longer) days spent nearly motionless, staring at a screen. We consulted with Jillian Michaels, TV personality, health and fitness expert, and creator of the My Fitness app, about some ways to get moving throughout the workday.

What is the correlation between a person’s physical fitness and their productivity?

To be honest I really don’t see one. I want to tell you I do but I have known many productive people who are very unhealthy. I would say that there is absolutely a correlation to feeling healthy and strong physically, and having more confidence in the workplace. I think this allows people to take more calculated risks, put themselves out there, and excel. 

What are a few easy and convenient exercises someone can do throughout a normal workday to increase activity?

I recommend the obvious first: stand, don’t sit. Pace when on the phone. Deliver messages in person to get the extra steps as opposed to using email. Take the stairs, not the elevator. It’s all the obvious stuff but it adds up over time.

Then I also recommend quick sets of exercises. So maybe doing 10 squats or 20 alternating lunges while standing next to your desk five times a day. Ten push-ups on your desk done several times throughout the day. Ten dips off your chair again done several times throughout the day.  I do this a lot when I can’t get to the gym, and by day’s end I’ve usually done 100 squats, 100 pushups, and 100 lunges. 

While it isn’t perfect, it’s a heck of a lot better than doing nothing and I’ve wracked up at least an extra mile in steps.

What role does physical wellness play in employee well-being?

Physical fitness helps people to have more energy, improves their mood, and empowers them in all facets of their lives. Helping ourselves and others to care about health sends a message of community, comradery, and empowerment. 

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