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Defending Against the Modern Triple Threat to Digital Security

The world is increasingly interconnected and every new connection is a potential weak spot for attackers. It’s little wonder spending on digital security will likely reach $124 billion this year — but much of that spending is ineffective.

“Today, cybersecurity protection only focuses on a single type of attack,” said Eron Heard, chief revenue officer of Cyber Forza, a leading provider of technology, management consulting, and engineering services. “This forces companies to make multiple investments to safeguard the entire network infrastructure.”


Heard advises companies looking to protect their networks to seek cost-effective solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing network architectures, and to avoid expensive “rip and replace” strategies.

“Organizations are continuing to purchase multi-vendor disjointed products, proprietary solutions that don’t scale, and hardware that doesn’t have a required feature set,” he noted. “In the long run, companies have higher operational and capital investment costs, making protecting the entire business almost impractical.”

Intelligent security

A cybersecurity solution that is predictive instead of reactive is essential. 

“Any cybersecurity platform must quickly and accurately identify what is benign and what is a threat by coupling advanced adaptive artificial intelligence with a unique understanding of an attacker’s mentality,” Heard advised.

An example is Cyber Forza’s CISS — Cloud Cyber Intelligent Security Software (CISS) AI Platform, which uses adaptive and cognitive artificial intelligence algorithms to prevent events like breaches, incidents, and ransomware attacks from executing on the network.

Heard also says your cybersecurity partner’s culture is key. 

“Our firm’s management consulting heritage is the basis for a unique collaborative culture and operating model,” he said. “Your security partner should be able to anticipate client needs, rapidly deploy talent and resources, and deliver enduring results.”

SOURCE: Cyber Forza, [email protected]

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