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How You Can Strengthen Your Sales Department For Good

Photo: Courtesy of Rikki Chan

Insights from Eve Kolakowski on employee engagement programs that transcend gender constructs.

The heartbeat of business

It takes a village to operate a growing and successful business. As an organization, it’s crucial that every department be well-staffed, well-trained and managed. That being said, at the center of it all lies the sales department — the heartbeat of any profitable organization.

Developing effective employee engagement and sales incentive programs can help your staff meet sales objectives while successfully driving business goals. These programs help to create a rewarding and appealing environment that encourages individuals to thrive. The need to inspire and reward employees for their efforts transcends gender.

Ask yourself​​​​​​​

Companies seeking to bolster sales, as well as obtain and retain top talent, should ask themselves three key questions. First of all, what is the organization doing to show employees that they are valued? Today’s professionals want to feel valued every day for their hard-work and commitment. Next, is your company recognizing the contributions, commitment levels and achievements of all of its employees? Employees crave frequent recognition of their successes and acknowledgment of their contributions to an organization. And, finally, and perhaps most significant, do you inspire employees to work harder, smarter and to strive to continuously set new professional goals for themselves? The answer to this lies in recognition programming.

Why recognition programming?

Developing an employee recognition program that rewards employees for their years of service, sales performance and continued excellence shows them that they’re appreciated and respected. The implementation of a carefully-crafted employee recognition program can help businesses create a positive work environment wherein employees are treated as an asset and rewarded for their individual contributions. It puts all employees on an equal playing field and gives everyone the same opportunity to not only succeed, but also be recognized for their individual successes. It is in these environments where employees will not only flourish, but develop a sense of loyalty and belonging — regardless of their gender.

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