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How Embracing the Right Tools Can Prepare Women for Career Success

angela jia kim-savor beauty and spa-business-tools-women-women in business
angela jia kim-savor beauty and spa-business-tools-women-women in business

Angela Jia Kim, founder of Savor Beauty + Spa, shares advice for aspiring and current female entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers.

Women in business today face a variety of obstacles. Knowing how to navigate difficult terrain is essential to survive — and thrive.

Being flexible

One familiar challenge in 2022 is finding a new way of doing business.

“Many professionals want to continue working remotely, so as a business owner, I’ve had to come up with a balanced compromise so we can stay connected and productive,” explained Kim, a former classical pianist who promotes natural skincare inspired by Korean self-care rituals. “For those of us who’ve survived with a brick-and-mortar business intact, it’s been a wild journey with the uncertainties, changing mandates, and getting everyone’s heads back in the game.” 

It’s about time

For women hoping to make it in today’s business climate, Kim says it helps to understand which tools can advance their careers.

“One lifesaver for me is learning how to effectively manage my time, the most precious commodity we have,” said Kim, a busy mom living in New York City. She suggests using a planner. Doing so, she says, will help organize what she calls life’s “gorgeous chaos”.

Attitude adjustment

Kim says it’s crucial for working women to keep things in perspective. 

“Once I embraced that we are building from Square 1, with the advantage of insights and learnings, I flipped my mindset, and I’m now having fun with the rebuild,” she said.
“How we look at anything is everything.” 

Supporting one another 

Kim suggests finding other women in business and referring customers to them at every chance you get.

“I was visiting a small town in Pennsylvania the other day, and I loved how each store owner would refer me to another store that had something I may want to buy,” she said. “The power of a referral for another woman-owned business is a small way to band together.” 

Instead of ordering from Amazon, spend your money where you can make a difference. 

“Your dollar goes a very long way when you purchase from a woman,” Kim said.

The importance of self-love

Kim also says we must nourish to flourish. 

“This means protecting our minds and time, so we fuel ourselves to feel our best,” she said. “When we give from an empty tank, we essentially rob ourselves, and others, because we cannot give more than we have. 

“For example, I give to myself daily by doing my beauty rituals, getting massages, meditating, cooking, and spending quality time with loved ones. Find what fuels you, and you will automatically become more successful because you will be your best self.”

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