Diversity in Business
NYSE’s Youngest Female Trader Talks About Her Career and New Show, “Going Public”
Lauren Simmons, the youngest female stock trader ever on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), continues to be a trailblazer. Her latest career move is hosting “Going Public,” a new streaming series that follows five diverse entrepreneurs as they try to win over investors, make deals, and get listed on the Nasdaq Composite.
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Empowering Restaurants in America
Owning a Successful Franchise Takes Good Business Sense and, According to One Success Story, Gut Instinct
Kimberlee Burrows, who opened her Clean Juice franchise this spring, explains why her personal journey, her faith, and her instinct are all intrinsic to her success.
Digital Security
Five Ways Teleworkers Can Improve Their Cyber Defenses
Your home network is still vulnerable to cyberattack, but there are a few ways workers and businesses can boost their internet security.