Smallbizlady-small business-entrepreneur-covid-Melinda emerson
Small Business
How Melinda Emerson Is Educating and Empowering America’s Entrepreneurs
Melinda Emerson, AKA SmallBizLady, is a leading expert on small business and becoming your own boss. We asked her about the current climate for entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses and any advice she had for those looking to forge their own path in the business world.
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tech industry-mari galloway-technology-government-private sector
Future of Work
One of the Industry’s Best Weighs In on the Future of IT
Award-winning cyber and non-profit executive Mari Galloway shares her thoughts on the current state of the tech industry.
Scaling coach-environment-business-struggle-fun-corporate
Small Business
Work Hard, Play Hard: The Scaling Coach Shares Tips for Building a Better Business
Bill Gallagher, AKA the Scaling Coach, is a keynote speaker and entrepreneur who helps fellow founders and CEOs grow their businesses sustainably, often through fostering more productive and more positive environments. We asked him about some of the keys to creating a better workplace environment, and how to overcome the growing pains inherent in running a successful business.