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The Future of Work

What Single Moms Need to Succeed at Work

working parent-divorce-loss-poverty
working parent-divorce-loss-poverty
Neferteri Plessy

Model, TV personality, and producer Neferteri Plessy founded Single Moms Planet to help end the poverty cycle of single mothers in America through financial literacy and business development programs. We spoke with her about how businesses can empower and utilize this marginalized group, and why single moms can be dynamic in the workplace.

How can employers better support single working mothers?

Employers can enhance the support for single working mothers through action-based workshops, empowering them to curate and maintain a resource list, while nurturing relationships. Fostering a flexible environment that acknowledges their unique challenges will allow single mothers to demonstrate professional integrity while staying close to their families.

What advice can you give to working parents going through difficult times, such as loss, divorce, or illness?

During difficult periods like loss or illness, I advise working parents to create “white space” for healing. Allowing time for recovery without having to manage overwhelming schedules is key. 

Gift yourself by paying for your alone time based on intentional self-care. Make it a point to invest in quality moments free from commitments. Prioritize your mental and emotional well-being.

What do successful single working moms have in common?

Successful single working moms excel at delegation; they understand the importance of seeking help proactively. This approach enables them to maintain a lifestyle built on meeting professional and family responsibilities with resilience and grace.

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