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For over 50 years, Ford Motor Company has actively worked to drive equity, diversity, and inclusion in its supply base. Two signature mentor programs, MentorME and MentorWE, support the economic advancement of diverse businesses at Ford.

Support for diversity

MentorME, designed as a group mentoring experience, is open to all certified minority business owners (MBEs) regardless of business industry or type. MentorWE, an exciting one-year, four-module program for certified women business owners, helps advance and develop their business through corporate executive and peer mentoring, professional coaching, and networking. Ford has an industry exclusive initiative that leverages its intellectual assets to enhance the technical capacity and sustainability of its certified diverse businesses.

Effective practices

Tier 2 development programs, internal communication, and C-suite commitments are essential components of an effective supplier diversity program. Angela Henderson, head of supplier diversity and inclusion at Ford, has a team that drives accountability for delivering its program goals by actively looking at certified diverse businesses nationally and globally.

“We recognize the value to our business by making quality sourcing decisions that include diverse and inclusive suppliers,” she says. “Our program will deliver excellence throughout our supply chain through various forms of engagement, development, and communication. We will celebrate when we make those strategic connections, whether that is connections to our buyers or with our prime suppliers.”

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