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Solving Society’s Problems With a Career in Cybersecurity

By 2021, it is expected there will be 3 million open cybersecurity roles around the world, meaning this industry presents a wonderful opportunity for women and minorities alike. 

So why should women consider a role in this industry? Here are some benefits to consider:

Variety of roles 

In cybersecurity, there are a variety of roles from which to choose. Depending on your skill sets and desires, you might consider offensive security, a proactive approach to protecting the systems and people in cyber; or the reactive approach to security, such as patching and incident response. 

There are also options that aren’t as technical but just as important, such as security awareness training, governance, risk and compliance analysis, and even policy creation. Some role titles include ethical hacker, vulnerability management analyst, threat intel analyst, SOC analyst, security auditor, project manager, and more.

The NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework provides a nice overview of some of the different roles in cybersecurity.  

Remote options available

As more roles become available, the opportunity to work from home or anywhere you want has grown. A quick search of the site FlexJobs produced 27 pages of remote cybersecurity roles. 

Working remotely is especially beneficial for women and men with families, as it allows them to travel and spend time with their families while still performing meaningful work. 

Even if you don’t have a growing family, many people report they feel more productive while working from home than in an office setting. Working remotely is not for everyone but it’s something you should try at least once. 

Competitive salaries

In most instances, joining the cybersecurity workforce can greatly improve your salary. Even if you’re not making a lot right of the bat, with all the opportunities to move around, relocate, and more, your salary potential is high. 

You will need to learn the art of negotiating for what you want, within reason, but there is no reason you can’t make a six figure salary after a few years in the industry. The more you can showcase the skills you learn on the job, in addition to those you learn in your spare time, the better off your chances are of scoring the salary you want and deserve. 

Average salaries range from $87,000 in North Carolina to over $120,000 in New York. Remember, these are just an average and can be significantly higher based on role, experience, and location.

Positive culture

Like most modern workplaces, cybersecurity teams are actively redefining their culture to be more welcoming of women and minorities. These changes, if implemented correctly, can make for an environment that promotes learning, growth, and innovation. 

This is a benefit for you because it presents you with options. From wearing jeans and sneakers to a formal dress code, you have the option to choose what works best for you. 

Make an impact

No matter the role, you have the ability to make an impact on the industry, your company, and your community. Cybersecurity roles are prevalent in both the private and public sectors, but there are also opportunities to work with nonprofits and the local community to help them stay secure. The skills you learn on the job can be shared with those who may not be aware of cybersecurity and to those coming into the industry behind you. 

Cybersecurity is a fun, engaging, and challenging industry that has something to offer for almost everyone. One of the great things about cybersecurity is that it forces you to think outside the box and find solutions to problems most folks don’t even realize exist. This is one industry that allows you the flexibility to be mobile, earn great money, and continue to learn new topics and techniques as the landscape changes daily. 

Come solve problems that impact society and your world. 

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