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Commercial industry requires innovation, flexibility, and strength from its EV solutions. The Shyft Group has built a complete EV ecosystem with that in mind.

The automotive industry’s future is electric. This is true for passenger cars and trucks as well as for commercial vehicles. Picture the fleets of package delivery vehicles roaming every city and suburb across America. To help meet current and future needs for retailers and delivery companies, The Shyft Group has launched Blue Arc™ EV Solutions, a new go-to-market brand with a trio of initial product offerings: an industry-first, commercial grade EV chassis; a fully reimagined electric delivery van; and the Power Cube™, a portable, remote-controlled charging station.

With a 50-year heritage in specialty vehicle chassis manufacturing and building bodies for last-mile delivery, Shyft is primed to deliver EV solutions at scale by leveraging its coast-to-coast manufacturing and service infrastructure.

“We created Blue Arc not just for companies looking to evolve their delivery fleets to electric power, but for people — customers, drivers, and society at large,” says Shyft CEO Daryl Adams. “Blue Arc is the electric mobility company that can deliver end-to-end holistic EV solutions and meet sustainability and performance goals with a full ecosystem of electric-powered products. We are ready to charge ahead and make the EV promise a reality.”

Blue Arc Power Cube

The Blue Arc EV chassis features customizable length and wheelbase, making it well-suited to serve a wide range of end uses, from last-mile delivery to work trucks, mass transit, recreational vehicles, and other emerging EV markets. The all-new, commercial-grade chassis is built specifically for the 12-hour days and near-continuous use of commercial vehicles.

The Blue Arc van is a 100% battery-powered Class-3 electric commercial delivery vehicle, designed for high-usage last-mile delivery fleets. The spacious walk-in cargo area can be customized for the customer’s specific business needs and items being delivered, and the van features an integrated solar roof and lightweight aluminum honeycomb shelves.

Drivers will appreciate the latest in-vehicle and driver safety systems such as 360° cameras, large in-dash HD camera displays, lane departure sensors, and keyless entry. Designed with comfort and productivity in mind, the delivery van is easy to drive and easy to enter and exit for last-mile deliveries with multi-stop routes.

The Blue Arc ecosystem also includes the Power Cube, a fully portable remote-controlled charging station with onboard energy storage. Understanding that lack of EV infrastructure is one of the roadblocks to adoption, the Power Cube provides a mobile, customizable, commercial-grade EV charger that does not need to be connected to the grid. This unique system carries power onboard and can have vehicles up and charged in 1-2 hours. The Power Cube is also sustainable, supplemented with wind and solar power with panels that track the sun for maximum exposure and charging.

Come see for yourself the commercial-grade EV difference. The Shyft Group and Blue Arc EV Solutions will be at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo, May 9-12, at the Long Beach Convention Center.

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