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The multi-family housing market is rapidly growing and so are residents’ demand for amenities that create convenience and make their lives easier. As owners look for new amenities to set their property apart, there is a more basic amenity that 89 percent of renters want and now 77 percent won’t sign a lease without — in-home laundry.

It’s obvious how in-home laundry benefits residents; however, it brings many benefits for property owners and managers as well. In addition to meeting the increased demand for this amenity to sign more leases, offering in-home laundry allows for an average 10-13 percent rent premium.

That said, what property managers often don’t realize is that they’re ultimately entering the laundry business, requiring heightened amounts of work, time, and money. As inventories of hundreds of machines age, they lead to increased repair and replacement costs, growing damage claims and liability, and frustration among staff and residents.

An in-home solution

To solve these problems, CSC ServiceWorks (CSC) has created the In-Home Laundry Service Solution, an expert service and parts program that satisfies residents and building owners alike. Owners are now able to tap into CSC’s systems and expertise in maintaining over a million machines through a network of thousands of certified field technicians based in local branches.

With three service tiers and flexible lease options, building managers can easily choose to pay as they go, or predictably manage costs with unlimited service and parts for a fixed monthly fee. The product is also designed to allow properties to maintain asset ownership if they choose.

The bottom line is that there’s always a working machine in every home.

“We have found that the increasing popularity of in-home laundry has led to opportunity for property owners but also added complexity,” said Tony Sculthorpe, chief commercial officer at CSC ServiceWorks. “Our goal is to help owners capitalize on this amenity and grow their business without the headaches or added costs.”

In a growing multi-family market, it’s critical to stay competitive in the amenities you provide for residents. With solutions like the In-Home Laundry Service Solution, CSC ServiceWorks works for clients and consumers, making it easier than ever for properties to effectively deliver in-home laundry and create high levels of resident satisfaction.

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