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5 Ways Voice-Enabled Technology Can Improve Your Kitchen

Courtesy of: Alexa Smart Home

If you’re like me, the center of your home is the kitchen. It’s where family congregates in the morning before heading off for to work or school and where we reconvene at night to share stories from our day. And voice-enabled devices can add to our experience in the most used areas of our homes. Whether you’re cooking a culinary masterpiece or just need an extra set of virtual hands, here are five ways voice-enabled technology can help out in the kitchen.

Save time

Voice-enabled devices can be a real time saver in the kitchen. Need to know how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon or set multiple timers while bread bakes and sauce simmers? With voice-enabled devices you can simply ask using your voice. No need to stop what you’re doing and look for your smartphone or manually program a timer on the microwave or oven. You can also save time by using your voice and a smart speaker to create shopping lists. For example, with Amazon’s Alexa voice service, just say “Alexa, add flour to my shopping list.”

Inspiration when you need it

Sometimes you may want to create something tasty, but don’t know what to make with the ingredients on hand. Or you’re trying a new recipe for the first time and want step-by-step help. Voice-enabled devices can lend a helping hand. Devices like the Echo Show can help find recipes for the ingredients you have on hand using your voice and, with a built-in screen, show you video instructions for how to chop, cook and plate a five-star meal.

Try something new

If you’re like me, you often get stuck in a menu rut. Luckily, a world of inspiration and new recipes is just an ask away. Alexa offers access to more than 30,000 skills to help you make the perfect pre-meal cocktail, create fun appetizers and cook delicious meals using recipes from food and kitchen brands you trust.

Become a better cook

If you’ve ever under or over cooked a meal, you know how important consistency can be. Voice-enabled devices can be a big help here. For example, I love knowing how to set the temperature exactly right on my sous vide device simply by asking Alexa. Or using my voice to control my smart, connected oven from June that recognizes what you have placed in the oven and cooks it to perfection.

Stay connected and control your kitchen

Today’s connected kitchens make it easy to access information from around the world, but sometimes you want a recipe or cooking tip that’s a little closer to home. With features like Alexa Calling, I can use my voice to call my grandmother for that family recipe that’s been handed down through generations or use the Echo devices in my home as an intercom system to let everyone know dinner is ready. Voice activation can also be used to simply and conveniently control my kitchen, from turning on light bulbs to pre-heating the oven.

These are just a few of the ways voice-enabled devices are lending a virtual helping hand in the kitchen today, and we’re only beginning to see the potential of voice-enabled devices in our home. And if these devices don’t make you a better cook, you can always just ask Alexa to order pizza. Bon appetit!

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