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The Property Brothers Share Smart Home Solutions

Photo: Courtesy of The Property Brothers

When it comes to renovating homes on a budget, stars of HGTV’s “Property Brothers” Jonathan and Drew Scott are some of the best-known faces in the business. Their years of experience in making dream homes out of fixer-uppers have led to tips and tricks that could make a difference in creating safer, sustainable homes.

“Our philosophy is that your home should make your life easier,” Drew explains. “Technology is doing this in major ways.”

Specifically, technology and the home are intersecting in the idea of smart homes. In the age of the Internet of Things, when everything from appliances to smart phones are sharing the same home network and able to send information back and forth constantly, smart technology expands on how we protect and manage the home.

Staying secure

Smart technology has revolutionized how we think of home security. It opened the door to affordable and effective alternatives. Instead of expensive, hard-to-install systems, homeowners can now find low-impact security solutions, such as wireless systems you monitor from your phone.

“The installation alone of an alarm system and security cameras substantially reduces the likelihood of a break-in,” Jonathan says. “Wireless alarm systems provide more than enough protection without having to break open any walls.”

Saving energy

It’s also easier than ever to put energy-saving technology into your home and to start living sustainably. “There are smart devices as easy to install as screwing in a light bulb – allowing you to remotely control and schedule the power in your home to reduce electricity consumption,” Jonathan says.

Considering innovations like smart bulbs and smart thermostats, anyone can start to take control of their energy consumption by tapping wirelessly into lighting, heating and cooling systems with minimal hassle. Homeowners can even bring renewable energy into the equation.

“The cost of solar has plummeted in recent years and with the introduction of no upfront cost installation,” Jonathan adds. “It is within reach for the everyday consumer.”

Dreaming big

According to the Property Brothers, anyone looking to upgrade their home should think about what they need and prioritize from there. They take this tailored approach to every renovation project they do, and they’ve seen it change a person’s life. When they’ve helped build homes for families with disabilities, for example, they’ve used interconnected technology in ways to meet their specific needs.

“It’s not enough for a home to simply be beautiful, it also must provide much needed functionality,” Drew says. “With any of the accessible homes we’ve renovated, it really is something special to see that we’ve helped give back the homeowner’s independence.”

No matter what kind of home someone is looking to live in, the Property Brothers encourage everyone to do research. Especially with DIY projects, it’s possible to find bargains and sales on smart technology that could help create that dream home.

“Whether it’s creating more safety with health and security solutions, energy-saving features that reduce monthly bills or even just cool entertainment innovations that are fun to play with,” Drew says. “Smart solutions are helping families get more out of their homes.”

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