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5 Traits of Successful Sellers

Photo: Courtesy of Braden Collum

Women who exhibit the following five traits are apt to be the most successful in the world of sales.

1. Agility

Agility means the ability to be nimble and efficient in getting things done right the first time and knowing when it’s time to move on.

2. Communicate effectlively

This refers to understanding your audience and their needs and allows you to process information and negotiate a deal more successfully — whether it be with a business partner, colleague or teammate.

3. Flexibility

Good sales professionals know when it’s time to hold their position and when it’s in the best interest to find common ground and compromise.

4. Courage

Successful sellers have short memories and enough determination to keep going even after failure.

5. Empathy

Finally, great sellers have the ability to look at every situation from the perspective of their customers, and use that knowledge to create a win-win situation where everyone benefits.

Allen Mueller, Executive Director North America, Miller Heiman Group, [email protected]

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