Bahar Ansari

Founder and CEO, Case.One, Inc.

“I do have to have a passion for changing how things have been done for decades — if not longer — and spreading awareness. I am very inspired by the power that technology can bring and by the opportunities that it can offer.”

Robert Weiss

Partner, Neal Gerber Eisenberg and President, ITechLaw

“I think, in general, that technological developments are likely to supplement rather than replace the services of lawyers.”

Nicole Black

Lawyer, Author and Legal Technology Evangelist,

“The world may be changing, but rest assured, some of those changes provide solo and small firm lawyers with incredible opportunities. Certainly, technology is a primary impetus behind the change, but it’s also the great leveler.”

Arthur Luxenberg

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Weitz & Luxenberg

“I’m excited to see how technology challenges us to become ever-more creative and strategic about our work.”

Ed Walters

CEO, Fastcase

“We’re starting to see some interesting applications of data science from other industries in law, which I think is very promising.”