Michael Barton

President, Allstate Business Insurance, Allstate Insurance Company

“Understand your customers’ needs, know the value you bring them and deliver it consistently.”

Michael Keane

President, Hanover Core Commercial, The Hanover Insurance Group

“Through the use of data and underwriting expertise, we help our customers anticipate emerging trends, assess their risks and provide insurance protection that empowers their future.”

Brent Reinhard

Head of Product and Marketing, Chase Business Banking

“Define your core values and make them part of your brand DNA — live and breathe them. Do it better than anyone else, and customers will start to recognize.”

Erik Day

Vice President, Dell Small Business North America

“The impact of a technology failure during a business-critical moment can be catastrophic if you aren’t preparing from day one.”

Matt Vischulis

Capital One Spark Business

“Business credit cards give you more purchasing power while adding cash back to your bottom line.”

Sebastian Rymarz

Chief Business Officer, Fundbox Inc.

“This focus on size negatively impacts small business’ access to credit in a few ways.”