Christine Marciano

CEO, Cyber Data Risk Managers

“Look for a cybersecurity provider that has a high level of integrity and don’t choose one at random.”

Nicholas Friedman

CEO, Templar Shield

“Securing sensitive data goes hand in hand with limiting potential vulnerabilities through risk awareness.”

Chris Pogue

Chief Information Security Officer, Nuix

“Most companies don’t understand the threats and oversimplify countermeasures.”

Matt Morris

Vice President of Products and Strategy, NexDefense

“Companies must be more vigilant and prepare themselves now.”

James Carder

Chief Information Security Officer and Vice President, LogRhythm

“The biggest mistake companies make is assuming they are not a target or at risk of a cyberattack.”

Josh Feinblum

Vice President of Information Security, Rapid7

“Our business moves at a breakneck pace and sensitive data scales at the same speed.”