Rob C. Martens

Allegion Futurist and President of Allegion Ventures

“The opportunity to live in tomorrow’s American dream is rooted in the information economy where access to data and technology is the currency of success.”

Fred Ellermeier

Black & Veatch, Vice President – Connected Communities

“A city will never be ‘smart’ until it is safe.”

Raghi Iyengar

Founder & CEO, ManufactOn

“Together with on-demand, self-driven cars, the goal should be to enable an individual to get from any point in an urban area to another point within a reasonable amount of time.”

Mridul Gautam

University of Nevada, Reno

“Optimizing the functionality and use of the emerging technology ecosystems while securing them will be essential to community and economic growth in the future.“

Scott Hall

President and CEO, Mueller Water Products

“Smart water technologies are providing ‘eyes and ears’ to water utility operators about what is happening to the water as it leaves the treatment plant into the distribution network.”

Sleman Saliba

Business Development for Smart Cities and Energy Optimization Solutions for the ABB Power Generation & Water Business

“The key challenge for cities will be to manage growing populations while transitioning to a sustainable, reliable energy supply with very limited financial and spatial resources.”