Steven Guggenheimer

Corporate Vice President of Artificial Intelligence Business, Microsoft

“Any organization that is looking to apply AI to their business model should start with the customer. It is tempting to apply AI to everything, but it is best to start small, make an impact and then grow from there.”

Robert Weideman

Executive Vice President, General Manager, Enterprise Division, Nuance Communications

“AI is the technology that can derive meaning from data and when that concept is applied to customer service, the impact can be tremendous.”

Sindhu Joseph

Founder & CEO, Cognicor Technologies

“Artificial Intelligence has found its sweet spots in several applications today due to a combination of enabling factors.”

Daniel Wideman

Vice President of Product Strategy, Savo Group

“Ensure you’re building an internal culture that values and prioritizes patience, experimentation, and innovation.”

Paddy Srinivasan

General Manager and Head of Product for Customer Engagement Business, LogMeIn

“When implementing a customer-facing solution, companies should consider a hybrid approach – one that puts chatbots on the frontlines but has an easy and elegant way to escalate to a human where necessary.”