Laurel Taylor

Founder & Driving Force Behind

"The personalization of pay and optionality in benefits is an important step toward meeting employees as unique individuals with unique needs."

Anne Marie Kirby

Founder & CEO, CoreHealth Technologies

"One of the major challenges is getting senior management to buy into the benefits of wellness programs."

Nancy H. Rothstein, MBA

Director, CIRCADIAN® Corporate Sleep Programs, The Sleep Ambassador®

"Recent research and news are sparking a growing paradigm shift for employers to recognize that good sleep is essential to employee performance, safety, health, and well-being."

Stephany Verstraete

Chief Marketing Officer, Teladoc

"Raising employee awareness stands as one of biggest barriers to adoption, with 90% of employees not fully understanding their health benefits."

Stefan Sharma

President at MedPut

"Linking financial stress to its structural, root causes, such as healthcare affordability, instead of blaming employees really solves several problems."

Meera Oliva

Chief Marketing Officer, Gradifi

"With today's diverse and multi-generational workforce, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to employee wellness and engagement."

Dr. Ann D. Clark

CEO and Founder, ACI Specialty Benefits

"Accommodating employees through mobile apps and user-friendly technology will increase productivity despite changes."

Dr. Kristine Miranda

Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Psocratic

"When employees feel cared for, recognized, and supported in their work they are motivated to perform better."

Paul Gordon

Senior Vice President, Sales, Rymax Marketing Services Inc.

"The biggest obstacle is overcoming the reaction most people have to being engaged in something that they feel is being forced upon them."